The Patricia Baker Award for Union Activism in the Post-Secondary Education Sector

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The Patricia Baker Award was established in 2008 at the 3rd National Convention of the National Union of CAUT in honour and memory of Sister Patricia Baker. Sister Baker was an academic, a union activist, a feminist and a woman who worked tirelessly to make her vision of an inclusive and equitable university community a reality. Sister Baker was a member of the National Executive Board of NUCAUT until her death in December 2007.

The Patricia Baker Award recognizes outstanding contributions by members of NUCAUT locals to the advancement of equity in the post-secondary community.


The criteria used by the National Executive Board of NUCAUT are as follows:

The number and frequency of awards will be as the National Executive Board deems appropriate.

Making Recommendations for the Award

Recommendations are to include a covering letter that describes specific contributions and achievements of the nominee as they relate to the award criteria.

Additional information may be gathered by the NEB as it feels necessary.

Academic staff associations or unions, their committees or caucuses, other unions, including provincial federations of labour, or any other interested parties, individual or collective, are invited to submit recommendations for the Patricia Baker Award.

Recommendations should be addressed to:

National Union of CAUT
2705 Queensview Drive
Ottawa ON K2B 8K2

Award Winners